Our Story

Catrina Curia was born as an idea in the early 2000s after purchasing a brand-name purse. The feeling of having something new and fashionable was unforgettable. That oversized, gray leather purse not only gave me the ability to express myself without having to say a word but also opened my eyes to a world of possibilities.

Little did I know that many years later after a change in careers, the idea was going to flourish and eventually become a reality. In 2021, I found myself surrounded by strong, independent, powerful women, who inspired me to follow my dreams and supported me in becoming a business owner. After immersing myself in the handbag industry, I realized that even though many of these purses are elegant and flawless they lacked the uniqueness that a handcrafted item can offer. Additionally, I discovered that the ones that offer exclusivity and a luxurious experience come at a high cost to the public and the environment.

After many months of working side by side with experts in the handbag industry, Catrina Curia was born. Our goal is to create high-quality, handcrafted, unique leather handbags and accessories to the public who does not get influence by the brand but rather by the quality of the product.


At Catrina Curia we believe in supporting our community by partnering with organizations that share our passion for encouraging women in business, supporting our youth, and promoting inclusivity. We believe that the best way to succeed and grow as individuals and as a company is by risen each other up.

Support women in business

We are a woman-owned business that recognizes the significance of supporting fellow women entrepreneurs. we value collaboration, respect, and support and extend our gratitude to all these incredible women for their support.

Support youth and children

We partner with organizations locally and around the world that strive for the well-being of our youth whether by promoting education or by offering free counseling and legal advice to those who have been exposed to life-changing events. To learn more about these organizations visit:




Support inclusivity and diversity

We promote inclusivity by choosing production partners that empower individuals who have been economically marginalized due to a lack of education and limited economic opportunities in their areas of origin.


Our brand sustainability commitment focuses on
1. Products. Our products are made with environmentally responsible materials, from the leather we choose that meets all government standards, to the liners in our purses and the finishes of our handbags. We promote the use of biodegradable materials whenever possible and limit the addition of plastics to our purses
2. Packaging: The minimal amount of plastic is used in the packaging of our products, and we are working with suppliers in the packaging industry to become a non-plastic industry and promote the use of recycled boxes.